Term 1 Shared Reading.......WALHT (we are learning how to):

Monday - Prior Knowledge, children use paragraph starters to write about a real or imaginary experience related to story

Tuesday - Compare and contrast ideas in the text (characters feelings, list etc)

Wednesday - Think about the text, using graphic organisers

Thursday - Speaking clearly/descriptive language/detail, prepare and present a brief oral report about the story

Friday - Visual Literacy

Group 1
Know the sounds and names of all letters, recognise HFW (high frequency words), share my opinion
Group 2
Recognise HFW (high frequency words), can see words and chunks within other words, read so that it makes sense, talk about the ways different characters are represented in the text
Group 3
Fix mistakes if the words don't look right, fix mistakes if the words don't sound right, build a bank of topic words, think critically about the main idea of a text (problem and solution), retell a story in the correct order
Group 4
Recognise some punctuation like capitals and question marks, Use spelling patterns to read words, retell a story using who and what as key ideas, discuss the characters in stories
Group 5
Read common word endings (er, ing, ed, s, est), retell a story without book support, Use expression and pace in reading, reread when meaning is lost, think about how the story and ideas relate to their own lives
Group 6
Recognise specific spelling patterns, word families, Understand synonyms, think critically about text at sentence level, use prior knowledge to make simple inferences