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Tuesday, February 16

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    Learning at School
    Shared2016: Term 1 Week 1-5
    Overview with ideas of how you can support your child at home
    Written Language
    Focusing on teaching children writing processes and strategies using a variety of text forms eg: character descriptions, retelling their own events and experiences, poetry writing, and recount writing.
    *Encourage children to write about experiences they have had with their family. Bring them to school to share with the teacher and class.
    * Guided and shared reading programmes
    with a specific teaching focus for each reading group (guided reading will start in week 3)
    * SSR – Sustained Silent
    where children silently read their choice of book for 10 minutes each day.
    * Teacher
    Reading / Buddy Reading
    * Introducing daily phonics learning and practice
    *Read to and with your child regularly
    Oral Language
    Focus: Listening
    * Children are learning skills for effective listening
    * Children will be able to describe a good listener eg: Good listeners look at the person speaking
    *Encourage your child to talk about what has happened during their day at school. Ask them questions
    Visual Language
    * Handwriting – Teaching correct letter formations and size
    Social Studies
    Learning Matters:
    Key Questions:
    What is learning?
    How do we learn?
    Who is responsible for my learning?
    How can we create a Learning Focused Classroom?
    The Willowbank Way
    What does nurturing relationships look like?
    How do we develop our learning?
    How do discover our potential?
    Major focus 2016 Creativity, exploring the elements of dance, drama, music and art.
    Thinking creatively about the world
    Solving problems
    Thinking outside the box
    How could I…?
    What might I……

    Week 1 - 2 (Beginning Induction into School)
    Week 3 - 4
    Week 5 - 6
    Week 7 - 8
    Week 1 - 2
    Week 3 - 4
    Week 5 - 6
    Week 7 - 8
    * Strategy and Knowledge development (Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication/Division).
    Children will work in groups according to their level of ability in all areas of Maths.
    Algebra, Statistics, Measurement, Geometry – covered throughout the year
    *Practise counting forwards and backwards from the biggest number that you can
    Physical Education
    Ball skills
    Children will develop skills such as throwing, catching, kicking and striking as part of the PE programme. These skills will then be practised as part of a game during Sport time. Children will also develop an understanding of participation and sportsmanship to enable them to contribute appropriately.
    *Play ball games with your child
    Children will be working in class to learn a range of basic computer skills such as opening, saving, mouse control and working in new programmes to develop learning and thinking across all areas of the curriculum.
    Check out your child’s classroom wiki
    Simple greetings

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Tuesday, January 26

  1. page home edited WOW We all love We have been using this to help support our learning in class…
    We all love
    We have been using this to help support our learning in class.
    Our activities are set up for us to complete at home. We also earn certificates and points, how exciting =)
    We all have glued our passwords into our home learning book. We sometimes get to play these learning games at school as well, so we are all remembering to bring our book bags to school everyday.
    Kia Ora Room 31
    School is closed on Friday 29th May for a Staff Only Day.
    Please do not send your children to school.
    SKIDS will be open on Friday, so please contact Anand 0272101653 or Liezel 0212618149 or Jade 021702498 or email: if you need assistance.
    We reopen on Tuesday 2nd June following the Queen's Birthday long weekend.
    Enjoy the long weekend.
    Patterns in Our World
    FUNDRAISER - Towards the construction of our new school hall
    Dear Parents/Caregivers,
    Our 2015 ‘Patterns’ knowledge-athon is nearly here…
    This is our major fundraising event this year and is closely linked to our curriculum overview. This connection provides a fun and authentic opportunity for children to study ‘patterns’ in their environment and beyond in a variety of ways that appeal most to them. {}
    There are 3 sets of 10 Patterns projects for children to select from. Children may choose to complete between 5 and 10 activities from the 3 sets, or they may decide to create one of their own in consultation with their teacher. Each project is as challenging as your child wishes to make it - plenty of opportunity to really show their creativity and research skills!
    Each project is worth up to 10 stamps. The value of each project will be based on the criteria of:
    All children are expected to earn at least 35 stamps out of a possible 100.
    All children will be given a booklet in which to record their projects and activities (some may be projects that need to be displayed, captured digitally or performed). The 3 sets of Patterns projects will be available on a special Willowbank Knowledge-athon website from Monday (and will be sent home with the sponsorship forms) so they can be accessed anywhere and anytime.
    It is expected that children will need parent (or older sibling) support to complete the activities and challenges – for example they may need help to research, record or lay out their projects. Some activities can be completed during school lunchtimes and teachers will give some class time (mostly for sharing and celebrating what the children have achieved).
    As this is a fundraising event children are asked to collect sponsorship pledges. They might ask family, friends, neighbours or parents’ work colleagues (children are not to go door to door or approach people that they don’t know please). Sponsorship can be per stamp (ie a certain amount like 50c or $1 per stamp the child earns) or per project or just give a one off donation.
    Sponsorship forms will come home with your child on Monday. On-line sponsorship is also available.
    Knowledge-athon timeline
    Thursday 7 May Week 3 - Letter to parents and caregivers explaining the Knowledge-athon.
    Monday 11 May Week 4 – Sponsorship forms will be sent home for children to start collecting sponsors.
    Friday 22 May Week 5 - Completed sponsorship forms to be brought to school and given to classroom teachers.
    Week 5, 6, 7 and 8 – Knowledge-athon takes place. During the four weeks children will complete their projects. As children complete activities they need to show their classroom teacher who will discuss the project with the children and award the stamps.
    Week 9 – Friday 19 June Project Celebration Open Morning/afternoon – children will share their projects with visitors and other students. They are also encouraged to to wear clothing that in some way represents Patterns. We hope you will join us on the 19 June from 9am until 10am or between 2pm and 3pm.
    Week 9 and 10 – Children to collect their sponsorship money and return forms and money to school. All money to be at school by Friday 26 June.
    There are fabulous prizes to be won. They include:
    · $100 Botany vouchers for the two children (1 junior, 1 senior) who raise the most money – imagine the fun you can have shopping!
    · $50 Botany vouchers for the two 2nd highest earners (1 junior, 1 senior).
    · The awhina that collects the most stamps win a mufti and shaved ice day!
    · All children who earn 60 or more stamps (by completing task and activities) will go into the draw for a Rainbow’s End family pass.
    If you have any questions about the knowledge-athon please contact Deidre Alderson (principal)
    or contact your child’s class teacher.
    Kind regards,
    The staff and PTA of Willowbank School
    Team 2 Newsletter
    Term 1 2015
    Dear Parents/Caregivers,
    Welcome to Term 1, 2015! It is going to be another fantastic year of learning at Willowbank School. Welcome to those families who are new to our school. We hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and is ready for a very challenging, busy and exciting term.
    Who & Where
    Emily Stevens
    Rm 10
    Natasha Hsu (Assistant Team Leader)
    Room 12
    Ella Denee
    Room 14
    Eleanor Mawdsley
    Room 15
    Krysten Schroeder
    Room 30
    Kim Olliver
    Room 31
    Angela Rasmussen (Team 2 Dean)
    Team 2 Teachers
    Emily Stevens
    Hi my name is Emily Stevens and I am fortunate to be the teacher in Room 10 this year. Over the summer I was really lucky to be able to travel over to Indonesia where I got to ride an elephant, find Nemo whilst snorkeling as well as getting to explore a primary school in that part of the world. I had a world of fun over there. Like you, I am ready to get into the new school year and am really excited about all the amazing things we will be exploring and learning about.
    Eleanor Mawdsley
    I am Miss Eleanor Mawdsley and I’ll be teaching in Room 15. I am really looking forward to sharing this year with all the year 2 students especially those in Room 15. We have a wonderful classroom and I’m excited to see all the work my students can produce to decorate the walls. 2015 is going to be a great year of discovery and we’re going to have lots of fun together.
    Ella Denee
    Hi, my name is Ella Denee and I’m excited to be Room 14’s teacher this year! I love science and nature, and being outdoors, especially around the sea. I also love reading and cooking in my spare time. I am looking forward to getting to know the students of Room 14 and having a great year learning together.
    Kim Olliver
    My name is Mrs. Olliver and I am in Room 31. I have recently changed my name as I got married in the holidays, which was very exciting. I have been teaching at the junior level for 5 years and have enjoyed every moment. This year I will also be working alongside Mr Manukau with Kapa Haka and working alongside Mrs. McKay with Enviro. I look forward to finding out about your child’s strengths, talents and wonderings; please make a time to come in for a chat if you have any concerns or information that you feel is important for me to know.
    Natasha Hsu
    Hi! My name is Natasha Hsu and I am in Room 12. I am the assistant team leader for team 2 where I will be supporting Angela and the team. I was born in Taiwan and moved to Auckland when I was 7. During my spare time I enjoy reading and playing with my pet rabbit. I know we will have another fabulous year filled with lots of newlearning.
    Krysten Schroeder
    Hi! My name is Krysten Schroeder. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful little people in Room 30 this year. I was born in Canada, but have lived in New Zealand for most of my life. I have mostly lived in Auckland but have also lived in Christchurch for a short time. In my spare time I enjoy reading, cycling and crafting. I am very excited about the year ahead and all the fun activities planned for us.
    Angela Rasmussen
    My name is Angela Rasmussen and I am the Team 2 Dean of learning this year. For the last few years I have been team leader of Team 4 and Team 5. I am excited about the opportunity that I have been given to work with the Junior School. This year I will be training as a Reading Recovery teacher and my role will also include working alongside and supporting the teachers within the team.
    Upcoming Events
    We look forward to seeing you at our meet the teachers evening on Tuesday 10th February at 6.45 in the hall. After a brief introduction from Ms Alderson we will move to team areas where we will talk with you about the term and year ahead.
    More information about this event is available in our school newsletter and on the website.
    Keeping Ourselves Safe
    Towards the end of term 1, we will be covering a unit entitled ‘Keeping Ourselves Safe’ It is a Ministry requirement that this unit be taught every second year and it is supported and designed by the NZ Police. The following description of the purpose of the unit is taken from the NZ Police website.
    ‘Keeping Ourselves Safe is a child protection programme in which children and young people learn and apply a range of safety skills that they can use when interacting with others. Students recognise the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and those who have been or are being abused are encouraged to seek help.’
    Here is a link where you can find out more information about the unit:
    In addition, there will be a parent information evening on Tuesday 10th February at 5.30. This is just before the ‘Meet the Teacher’.
    Allergies in Team 2
    In Team 2 we have a number of children who have mild or serious allergies to certain food types. We discuss this regularly with the children and they are aware that they should not share the food in their lunchboxes for this reason.
    We also ask that you check with your child’s teacher at least a week before sending birthday ‘treats’ to school so that we can discuss with you the suitability of the ‘treat’.
    Willowbank School is an Enviro school; therefore we ask that food is put into small containers or reusable bags instead of being wrapped in gladwrap. Any rubbish the children do bring in their lunchboxes will be sent home again.
    We also ask that children have water in their drink bottles. Please do not send peanuts, lollies or chocolate in your child’s lunch. Thank you in anticipation.
    In terms one and four it is very important that all children bring their hat to school and then wear it whenever they are outside. We REALLY encourage you to support us with this as we are trying to keep the children safe from sun damage.
    Arrival Time to School
    Classroom teachers are usually in their classrooms from 8.30am. If your child arrives at school before this, they may play outside. (The playground is not supervised before school so this is out of bounds)
    We cannot guarantee close supervision of children before 8.30am.
    If you need care for your child before 8.30am a before school programme is run by SKIDS in the hall. Phone: 273 4229 or 021 702 498
    Daily Timetable
    Our learning blocks are as follows:
    First block 9.00-11.00
    Middle block 11.20 – 12.30
    Third block 1.25- 3.00
    In year 2 the children do not have a brain food break during morning block, please make sure that they have a substantial breakfast.
    Parent Helpers
    A huge thank you to all the fabulous parent helpers who regularly come to school to assist us in the classroom, make resources or put reading books away. We REALLY appreciate your help! If you are interested in helping at school please let your child’s teacher know.
    Learning At Home
    Children will continue to bring home reading books Monday to Thursday. They will not necessarily bring home a new book each night as reading a text on more than one occasion helps to develop confidence, understanding and allows the children to think more deeply about the concepts and ideas within the text.
    On Friday they will bring their poetry book home to share with you. Your child may also have a word-ring or spelling to learn and basic facts. Reading books will be sent home from week 2.
    Each class has their own wiki or Google site, and we encourage you to visit regularly and share your child’s learning. There will also be ideas on these sites for you to help support your child’s learning at home.
    Teachers will let you know when their wiki’s/Google sites are ready to be accessed.
    What Are We Learning This Term?
    Please see the attached overview of the learning focuses for the first few weeks of this term. Much of the first term will be spent exploring the question “What is Learning?” The children will be supported towards the idea of managing their own learning, setting and achieving learning goals and developing their potential.
    Please don’t hesitate to come and see us if you have any questions or comments.
    Kind Regards
    Emily, Natasha, Ella, Eleanor, Krysten, Kim, Angela
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Wednesday, August 5

  1. page home edited WOW We all love We have been using this to help support our learning in class…
    We all love
    We have been using this to help support our learning in class.
    Our activities are set up for us to complete at home. We also earn certificates and points, how exciting =)
    We all have glued our passwords into our home learning book. We sometimes get to play these learning games at school as well, so we are all remembering to bring our book bags to school everyday.

    Kia Ora Room 31
    Only Day.

    do not
    to school.
    SKIDS will be open on Friday, so please contact Anand 0272101653 or Liezel 0212618149 or Jade 021702498 or email: if you need assistance.
    We reopen on Tuesday 2nd June following the Queen's Birthday long weekend.
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Wednesday, June 10

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